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About Us !
Greetings Oceans By Salenha  SUPPORTERS , my long story short in letting you know how Oceans By Salenha came from a concept to still pouring products 23 years later.  In 1999 while living in Malibu Canyon, Calabasas CA.  I found out that my job was coming to an end and life as I knew it was at the verge of   change.  I decided to visit my brother and his family in Maui (because of the fact a vacation may not be the thing to do in the near future.) While in Maui the vision was born.   When going back home I took a class on soap making from a woman that was about to teach her last class and her products were so amazing.  I knew GOD was behind it all. Now 23 years later I can proudly, say there are "NO CHEMICALS" in any of my products   I've always been "GREEN" and because of my sensitive skin and long list of allergies this is still the "BEST" bath & body spa product I've ever used. Try Oceans By Salenha we dare you to compare us to what you've been using .    Now with that being said We're THANKING   YOU and YOURS in advance that you will feel the same way too !  Remember SPA is a LIFESTYLE -  ENJOY !!!  

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